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You know how you see homes in magazines or Pinterest that you wish you could just move in to? You might think to yourself, “No one really has a home like that, and if they do they don’t live in it.” Well let me tell you friends, not only is Martha’s home one of those picture perfect dwellings that you dream of, she and her hubby Glenn, along with their 3 beautiful daughters, and their dog Wrigley all live and make memories in this beautiful home you are about to see. All 3 of the girls are uniquely talented, and one has even written an amazing inspirational book!

Martha is the creative genius behind the interior design/DIY blog Simple Cozy Charm,

“Featuring inspirational design ideas ranging from cozy farmhouse style to modern eclectic charm.”

Martha’s gorgeous home is located just outside of Cissna Park, IL. Her home embodies the name of her blog. It is simple with it’s cozy decor – you just want to curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and chit chat for hours. And charming! Her home exudes charm. It’s neutral palette is highlighted with touches of pink everywhere, which is just as charming as can be! And yes, her hubby whole heartedly embraces all that pink!

A few weeks ago, I visited Martha at her home to photograph her in her creative environment, while there I asked her a few questions about her blog, creative process and life with 3 active girls.

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What inspired you to create Simple Cozy Charm?

I found myself sharing pictures of our home on my private Instagram account, and felt so silly, because my less than 200 followers were friends and family who knew what our house looked like. One day I googled “coffee table decor” and happened upon a blog. I was immediately inspired to create a whole new outlet where I could share small changes and ideas with others.


Who or what is your greatest inspiration?

I definitely find the outdoors spiritual, and growing up on a farm I learned to appreciate nature at its finest. Learning how to incorporate outdoor elements inside our home has opened up endless possibilities. My mom is very creative and a master at creating something new out of items readily available. Whether through nature or repurposing household items, she has definitely inspired me to shop my own home first.


What is your favorite thing about living in the midwest?

I think my favorite thing about the Midwest is the change of seasons. Other than that, I can’t say I love the Midwest!


What is your greatest DIY achievement?

I would say our greatest DIY achievement is the custom tv frame Glenn constructed all on his own. We were able to use old barn wood from my dad’s barn for the frame, and repurposed an old barn door and hinges. I had a vision, and he created something even better.


You are also a Dental Assistant, how do you find balance between your family and work?

Balancing time between family and work is definitely challenging at times. We are very fortunate to have raised our girls surrounded by their grandparents. I have had to fall on them many times through the years, and am so thankful for their help. Staying busy is just who I am, I don’t feel good physically if I’m not moving. With that being said, I do understand the importance of rest.


Where does your love of all things pink come from?

I have always loved the color pink. In the last few years, blush has become a popular home decor accent, and I slowly began incorporating it into our home. Glenn doesn’t mind it at all, and I think because we have 3 girls he was used to it already. He also knows how I like to change things, so nothing stays the same for long


What is the most common question your followers have?

There are 2 top questions I am asked all the time. 1) Where can I purchase a desk like yours? 2) What color is your wall?


What is your #1 design tip?

My #1 design tip is to shop your own home first!! Move things from room to room, rearrange the furniture, and go outside and notice all the natural elements right at your finger tips!


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January 6, 2019


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