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My mission is to empower photographers to be able to confidently and consistently create a natural light look with a simple artificial light set up, ideally using equipment they already own or can purchase on any budget.

In this course you will watch me point out and explain all the equipment needed to get started using off camera right away. You may already have some of the items in your camera bag!

You will also watch me shoot and see how I set up and position my equipment to get the best most natural looking light.

Film shooter? No problem, I’ve got you covered (spoiler alert, you use all the same stuff)!

Curious about Off Camera Flash but don’t know where to start?  

Are there so many choices that it’s all just too overwhelming?

yes!  I'm ready to learn, take me to the course!

- Katy Shilhab
family photographer

I have felt intimidated about off camera flash for YEARS and explains it so simply and thoroughly! Instead of feeling cross eyed after a flash course I feel empowered and excited to experiment!

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For the last 9+ years, Kristin has been a wedding, newborn, and family photographer. Photographing with both film and digital. Living in the Midwest, where available natural light can unpredictable, especially in the winter, she quickly realized learning to utilize off-camera flash in her photography work would be an absolute necessity. Wanting to maintain a natural light look with one light was a must. 

She lives in a small town in East Central Illinois with her hubby Darin and teenage kiddos.  When she doesn't have her camera in her hands she can be found daydreaming in the aisles at Target.