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Newborn baby with parents mom in floral dress

It always bothered me when people would say enjoy this time now it won’t last. And they were right the newborn phase, the toddler phase doesn’t last. But what starts out as a wonderful gift of a new love of a new person that you just created, that you just met for the first time and instantly fell in love. That love grows and blooms with each and every year that God gives us with these tiny humans that he has entrusted us to raise and to guide and to love. I have never wanted to spend my life mourning the past or wishing do you have time back. Instead, I have always wanted to look forward to the new adventure that is on its way. That is how I approach each new phase and stage of my children’s lives.

Newborn baby photo shoot with parents in white studio

I am one of the most sentimental people that I know. But being sentimental doesn’t mean you want to live in the past. Or that I can’t “let go of it.” It simply means that I want to devour every moment and not take anything for granted.

Newborn baby in moses basket
Newborn baby photo shoot with parents in white studio
Newborn baby photo shoot with parents in white studio
Newborn baby macro details in all white
newborn baby posed with parents

That’s not to say that there aren’t days that are so wonderful I would like to hit the pause button and stay right there or days where nothing goes right and I’d like to have a do-over. But all in all, I live by my family‘s motto you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

newborn baby in moses basket

I consider myself not just a photographer but a collector of moments. Now that might sound a little pretentious to some LOL! But really, the best way to remember what a moment was truly like is do you have a picture of it. Something we can look back at a year from now 10 years from now or even 100 years from now. A piece of photographic evidence that we can hold onto.

newborn baby photo shoot in all white studio

i can’t wait to hear from you!

Born and raised right here in central Illinois – Cissna Park to be exact – I transplanted over 20 years ago to Fisher. I’m proud to say I’m now a Fisher Bunnie (yep, that’s our school mascot, you can’t make these things up). When I’m not behind my camera, you can find me hanging out with my hubby and 2 kiddos, Payton and Mackenzie.

Photographs tell the story of our families. The good ones, the bad ones, and the ones that take our breath away – they’re all part of our perfectly imperfect stories, and each one is beautiful in its own unique way. I have been telling stories of families just like yours in the central Illinois/Champaign-Urbana area since 2012. Building lifelong relationships with my clients as their families grow, and telling their ever-changing story, is what makes my heart go pitter-patter. I would be honored to tell your family’s story…  To schedule your next session, please contact kDarling Photography by email or at 217.778.1325

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Newborn baby with parents mom in floral dress

May 18, 2021


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