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I remember being pregnant with our firstborn, Payton. As a new mom to be, I had no idea what was truly needed in my bag for the hospital and what would just sit in my bag, unused. So I packed…a lot…and used about 1/3 of it.

When you’re expecting you receive so much advice. So. Much. Advice. Some of it good, some of it – well let’s just say some of it was, “not as good.” Advice from your doctor, your mom, you mother in law, your friends – and occasionally strangers on the street.

I scoured the internet for checklists (I’m a list kinda gal), and settled on the checklist found in my What To Expect When You’re Expecting book. This checklist covers everything, and is super comprehensive. If you decide to pack everything that the lists on the internet say you need, be prepared to put it all in an extra big suitcase! If you’re a chronic over-packer like me, you’ll have a full suitcase no matter what 🙂

My advice, because you need one more person’s advice, right? My advice is less is more.

Bring the essentials

  • Your Driver’s License/ID

  • Your insurance card

  • Snacks for your birthing partner (although they better NOT eat them in front of you!)

  • If you have long hair, a clip or scrunchie to keep it out of your face

  • Sugarless candies or lollipops to keep your mouth moist

  • Phone/Laptop/Tablet + chargers

  • Camera (and don’t forget the memory card + extra batteries.

  • List of who to call

  • If baby has older siblings, purchase a small gift, such as a stuffed animal for them to give to their new brother or sister (this will be so cherished by baby when they get older).

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash

  • Hairbrush and comb

  • Shower gel, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, makeup and whatever else it takes to make you feel human again after delivery

  • A baby book for recording everything – have the nurses stamp baby’s hand and footprints in their book at the very least (and honestly, that is all that is in my kids’ baby books, my goal is to complete them before they graduate high school haha!)

  • Nightgown or PJs, socks and slippers – bring a pair of undies for going home, but otherwise, use the fancy mesh ones provided by the hospital.

  • Comfortable outfit to head home in (remember you’ll still look six months pregnant, so plan accordingly)

  • Going-home outfit for baby – buy a footed sleeper in newborn size (0-3 months will likely be too big) receiving blanket, plus extra layers if it’s cold.

  • Baby’s carseat – they won’t let you leave without one! (Leave this in the car until it’s time to go home)

There you have it. A short(ish) list of hospital essentials. Don’t stress on the packing. Those tennis balls, rolling pins, stop watches, photos of family, cards, magazines, champagne, etc…I’m sure someone somewhere packed all that stuff and actually used it! Me? Nah.

Am I missing anything on the list that is an absolute must have? Anything you think should be included that I didn’t? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

While you’re scrolling down there, take a look at sweet Elijah and his adoring mommy & daddy!

These images were photographed entirely on Kodak film. All sessions with kDarling Photography are photographed on film. What does that mean for you? That means not much will change for you friends, you’ll still receive your images via an online gallery. You’ll still be able to print where you wish or through my professional lab. What will change? I will get to slow down a bit at your sessions, allowing me to pay closer attention to details. We’ll get to know each other better, and we’ll have even more fun! And best yet – you’ll get your session back much sooner! Sound great – you’re excited? Me too!



June 26, 2019


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