Kayla + Jason | Champaign County Courthouse & Lake of the Woods Botanical Garden

Kayla and Jason had their courthouse wedding ceremony on Feb. 1, 2021 at the Champaign County Courthouse followed by photos taken at the Lake of the Woods Botanical Garden. Although it might not have been the wedding they had pictured for themselves, it was beautiful nonetheless.    

Kayla and Jason met in Nashville in 2016 through Bumble while Kayla was studying to get her Master’s degree in Social Work. Could a couple who met on a dating app and got married during COVID be any more a modern love story? I don’t think so! This gorgeous couple are so supportive and loving to each other. Kayla loves Jason’s easy-going personality and ability to be on board with anything, while Jason loves how Kayla expresses herself through her incredible hair and nails. 

Their courthouse wedding ceremony was every bit as intimate and special as any other ceremony. It was one filled with incredible love, laughter, and tears. Kayla looked completely breathtaking, and she was wearing her grandmother’s pearls at the ceremony, just as her older sister had for her wedding. The Botanical Garden was the perfect winter wonderland backdrop for these happy newlyweds.

What To Know For Courthouse Weddings

Thinking of having yourself a courthouse wedding ceremony? I’ve photographed a few and can tell you all the ins and outs to take some stress out of planning your special day! Take a look at Natalie and Luke’s courthouse wedding ceremony I posted on the blog not too long ago for another example. 

  1. You can have a photographer! It’s the only time cameras are allowed inside the courthouse. 
  2. There are plenty of other locations for photos after the ceremony. Downtown Urbana and other areas around the courthouse are all walking distance and perfect for just the two of you, and friends and family. 
  3. Show up early! Judges will not wait an extra second for late guests. 
  4. There are no limits to how many guests you can bring; however, the courtrooms are small, so bear that in mind when sending those invitations out! 
  5. Masks are required inside the courthouse for anyone over the age of two! Aside from the “I-Do’s” kiss, masks will be worn when inside. 

For extra information, visit the Wedding and Civil Union page of the courthouse website.  

I want to tell your story

Wedding photographs should tell the full story: the candid joy; the family photos grandma loves; the dance photos that leave everyone feeling connected long after the music stops playing…we get to know each other throughout the planning process – that’s why every package comes with engagement photos as well. So by your wedding day, we’re old friends, you’re comfortable with my camera, and your moments are genuine and never forced.

April 5, 2022


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