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So you’ve booked your session!


But now the hard part begins.

What to wear?

What should I wear to my photo session?

What should I wear to my newborn session?

What should my child wear for pictures?

What colors look good in an all-white photo studio?

All variations of a really common question that I receive all the time from clients that have scheduled pictures with me.

Your first thought might be to grab that bright neon pink dress or turquoise blue shirt – both of which are great colors…but here are a few things to consider.

Is this color timeless or will it “date” the photo in a few years?  If the answer is even slightly yes, consider selecting a muted pastel, white/off-white, or an earth tone.  These colors have stood the test of time and never ever go out of style.

If your session involves the whole family for pictures, start with MOM’S outfit first and build from there.  If MOM is happy and feels good, everyone else will be happier too.

Don’t go for matchy-matchy for the whole family.  I know if can be tempting to walk into Target or Old Navy and select options for the whole family in that awesome floral print.  For the love of all things timeless, don’t do it!  Instead, find colors and patterns that complement each other and coordinate, but don’t look like the VonTrap family in their matching outfits.

Will it be comfortable?  Even though most portrait sessions last an hour or less (way less if you’re doing a mini session), you still want you or or child(ren) to be comfortable.  Are you normally a sweatshirt and jeans kinda of gal?  Then pair your jeans with a nice sweater instead.  The goal is to look like yourself.  Is your son going to complain that his button-down shirt is too itchy?  Find a soft t-shirt or sweatshirt that coordinates with the family – the tradeoff is well worth the stress it will save you later.  If your toddler is wearing a dress, make sure to remember the matching diaper cover, you’ll thank me later.

What shoes should we wear?  My favorite answer, especially for kids – NONE!  I adore naked piggy toes for kids.  Plus, when they’re sitting down we usually only see the soles of the shoes.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather see some cute little toes!

But most of all, over all, don’t stress.

Let me say it again a little louder for those in the back – DON’T STRESS.

Photos should be fun.

When you look at the pictures you should have fond memories and fall deeper in love with your family.

The weather in Central Illinois is unpredictable, but it’s always the perfect temperature in the studio.

This gives you a wider variety of options for what to choose for your pictures. Short sleeves, long sleeves, dress, pants, shorts.

Anything goes!

Meet Kristin – Hey there, I’m Kristin of kDarling Photography based in the Champaign / Central IL area specializing in capturing timeless images of children and families using traditional film photography methods. With my romantic and joyful approach to photography, I create stunning portraits that will live on for generations. My passion for photography is evident in every image I capture. Whether you’re a new parent looking to capture those precious early moments with your newborn, or simply looking for timeless photographs of your family that you can treasure forever, I’m the photographer for you!

I can’t wait to hear from you – contact me here.

February 7, 2024

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